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Connecting Your Business to Local Community

 We believe that not all purchases of goods and services have to be merely transactional, and each interaction between a customer and a local business is an opportunity to connect and grow relationships and foster local community connections. 


By Telling Your Story

 Notable was started to make connections between customers and local business by telling the stories of Notable local business owners, entrepreneurs, their employees, and customers and sharing authentic stories with an engaged local audience, interested in supporting and connecting with local businesses. 

But wait, why are you doing this?

People’s time, money and energy are at a premium and spread thin across many demands (family, friends, work, health, etc.), and yet fostering connections with ones’ community is emerging as an ever-increasing priority and a possible solution to some of our culture and society’s greatest challenges.   

Customers have a great number of choices in today’s marketplace. From popular low-cost national brands and national chains with marketing dollars that influence customer attitudes and behaviors, to online marketplaces that deliver a convenient virtual experience where customers are able to shop comfortably from their homes or work, it is difficult for locally-owned, community-based businesses to compete.  

In this environment nascent, early-stage, and established locally-owned, community-based businesses face an uphill battle to connect with customers and keep them coming back.  Yet, it is these same local businesses, business owners and employees that can be a catalyst for local connections and can help grow the local community.   

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